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sleep, uni, learn...

started uni and already feel exhausted and tired from the workload, I'm so not used to learning again *argh*

Have fun in real life for me ;)


dropping by...

*lurks around for familiar faces*

HI, decided to drop by and say hello.

Actually decided to say good bye to fandom, as I stopped checking my account regularly and haven't read any fanfiction for a long time, but kind of decided against it, as I went over some of my favourites the last two days and got hooked on Remus and Tonks again (thanks to "The Dare") , reminds me of a great time I had here in fandom and how it helped me in many ways. :D

So I hope I will be able to stop by more often and read some of the fanfics, which have been written in my absence...


the best place on earth


Oh my God, can't believe, how good this feels, how much I missed all this, my car, my room, my own bathroom, my parents and everything!!!

Oh and this is supposed to be day 8 of the happiness meme :D


I'm horrible at posting

Day five, six and seven of that happiness meme, actually not much happened these last days, but things that made me happy today were:

- starting to work at reception and answering phone calls
- the last day in belfast this year

so, I am already counting the hours, just 11,5h left till my taxi comes to pick me up to the airport, sooo excited and look forward to meeting all friends and family again. 2 weeks of fun, socialising and good food ahead of me. *sigh*

Oh, why do I have to come back to Belfast?


decongestion not digestion...

apparently those two have nothing in common, still I managed to confuse both, while sitting at the doctor, as my cold is not planning on going away.
The doc gave me something for decongestion and I was like "Huh?! What does my cold have to do with decongestion ?" In the end it was me, who confused decongestion with digestion...silly me.

Forgot to post yesterday, so day three and four:

- having a lovely christmasy dvd evening, watching "The Holiday"

and today:

- christmas dinner with friends in the church (I kind of go to church now...dunno why, feels good)


happyness meme day three

- I happen to like christmas this year very much...

- the christmas dinner with friends later on

- packing my suitcase for home

- just 6 days left!


happyness meme day two

what makes an ill person happy?

a warm bed, a huge mug of tea and getting all my christmas shopping done

*off to sleep*


A very happy birthday...

to gilpin25, who in all these two years I've been involed in fandom, always had a nice word to say and has been so supportive and helpful. Thank you dear and I wish you all the best for the coming year!</lj>

YEAH - finally!!!

I finally have internet acces at home!!!

Thank virgin media!!!

*does happy dance*




I've got a virus on my computer and everything is lost, or destroyed, I was totally shocked that it happened, as I always update my computer and there has never been anything before...
Anyway, after many tears and shock, my sister will get someone to repair it, hopefully, when I am away.
I really have no luck at all atm, currently surfing with my laptop, but its missing microsoft word, powerpoint etc, which would have been quite helpful especially for uni. Anyone know some open source programms to install?